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State CPA CPE Licensing Requirements


Please note: The CPE Information provided in this section relates to CPAs only.
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Renewal Date:

9/30 annually

Reporting Period:

10/01 to 9/30 annually

Required Hours:

40 hours per year; A person whose initial license is issued between August 1 and March 31 must complete 20 hours of CPE for the first renewal cycle. A person whose initial license is issued between April 1 and July 31 is not required to complete any CPE for the first renewal.

Ethics Required:

4 hours of ethics due every 3 years. The Ethics for Accountants course fulfills this requirement.

Subject Rqmts:


Credit Limits:

  • Credits for communication arts, mathematics, statistics, probability and quantitative applications in business, economics, business, securities and administrative laws, human resources policies and computer software applications may not exceed 50% of the hours required over the 3-year period.
  • The maximum credit for authorship is 50% of required hours and credits may be given on a self-declaration basis for published articles or books.
  • The maximum credit for instructors is 50% of required hours and no repetitions of courses for credit is allowed unless the material is substantially changed, then it is a new course. Instructors may be granted credit on the basis of 3 hours for each hour of class time.
  • Only full hour credits are acceptable. Effective September 1, 2010, half hour credits will be acceptable after completion of first full hour.

Other Policies:

Contact Info:

Maine Board of Accountancy
Department of Prof. & Fin. Regulation
Office of Lic. & Reg., 35 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333
Phone: 207-624-8603
Fax: 207-624-8637