Education Tax Benefits and Issues

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Title: Education Tax Benefits and Issues
Category: Taxation
Field of Study: Taxes
Course Code: M164
CPE Credits: 4.0
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Few advantages are as sought after by parents for their children as an education that will enable them to grow professionally and enjoy the benefits such an education can help bestow. The federal government supports and encourages their efforts to provide that education through various programs and income tax incentives. This course will examine the programs, credits, deductions and federal income tax treatment of various items that affect saving for and financing an individual’s education. In so doing, it will consider: – Qualified tuition programs; – Coverdell education savings accounts; – The education savings bond program; – Federal tax credits for education; – The federal tax treatment of scholarships, fellowships, grants and tuition reductions; and – Deductions available for student loan interest.

Delivery Method: Online Interactive Self Study

Level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

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Category: Taxation

Field of Study: Taxes

Passing Score: 70%

Technical Details: Taxes = Technical

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Chapter 1 – Section 529 Qualified Tuition Programs 1. Identify differences between prepaid tuition plans with college savings plans; 2. Identify the expenses considered qualified education expenses under a qualified tuition program and the educational institutions at which such expenses may be incurred; 3. Recognize the rules applicable to IRC Section 529 qualified tuition program contribution limits and the tax treatment of plan contributions.

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QAS: Yes

CPA: Suitable for all CPAs

IRS: IRS credit for Enrolled Agents.

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