Bitcoin and Cryptoassets: An Accountant’s Guide

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Title: Bitcoin and Cryptoassets: An Accountant’s Guide
Category: Finance
Field of Study: Finance
Course Code: F021-0446
CPE Credits: 4.0
Price: 34.95



Cryptocurrency adoption is growing. Since their creation over a decade ago, cryptocurrencies have become more prominent in the global economy. In recent years, cryptocurrency-and in particular, bitcoin-has demonstrated its value, with approximately 18.8 million bitcoins in circulation. Cryptocurrencies, a medium of exchange, leverage blockchain technology to conduct and secure financial transactions. Bitcoin is the most common and well-known cryptocurrency; however, there are over 11,000 cryptocurrencies in circulation, with the potential of many more being created. The explosion of token sales could mark the beginning of a broader shift in public capital markets. Financial institutions, government bodies, and businesses in many fields are all expressing more and more interest in cryptocurrency. Many businesses are looking for better ways to track, manage and account for cryptoassets. As adoption becomes more widespread, accountants should be getting on board. This course goes into well researched and newbie-

Delivery Method: Online Interactive Self Study

Level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

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Category: Finance

Field of Study: Finance

Passing Score: 70%

Publication Date: 12/13/2021

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1. Recognize the technical terms associated with cryptoassets 2. Distinguish between the four main functions of money 3. Identify the key elements of blockchain technology that secure crypto transactions 4. Recall the unique features of the most widely used cryptocurrencies 5. Recognize acceptable methods of accounting for holdings in cryptocurrencies 6. Identify internal controls over cryptocurrency transactions and balances 7. Recognize the tax implications of using or investing in cryptocurrency 8. Identify a method of analysis that determines whether a token is a “security” under federal law

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QAS: Yes

CPA: Suitable for all CPAs

IRS: No IRS credit for Enrolled Agents.

Profession Identifiers: CPA