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    Title: Estate Planning - Practical Solutions
    Category: Taxation
    Field of Study: Taxes
    Course Code: T018-0118
    CPE Credits: 22.0
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This course covers many different aspects of estate planning, including wills, living trusts, gifts, marital property, and probate avoidance. Will and trust forms are explored along with living wills, durable powers of attorney, and nominations of conservator. Designed to eliminate estate problems and death taxes, the emphasis is on practical solutions that are cost-effective.

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Level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None

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Author: Danny Santucci

Category: Taxation

Field of Study: Taxes

Passing Score: 70%

Publication Date: 05/04/2018

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Chapter 1:     Estate Planning
1. Identify basic estate planning elements noting the importance of well-drafted legal documents and specify the key team participants including their roles in estate planning process.
2. Determine the major steps in the probate process, identify ways to make transfers outside the probate system including the use of a trust, specify estate tax techniques that save death taxes while retaining maximum control, and identify estate-planning facts.

Chapter 2:     Estate & Gift Taxes
1. Identify potential death taxes including federal estate tax as it applies to various size estates, specify the principal taxes that impact death taxation, and determine the expiration of the death tax credit.
2. Determine what constitutes a taxable estate under Section 2501 specifying what assets are included in a gross estate using basic categories of property and transfers.
3. Specify estate deductions allowed under federal estate tax law stating their tax advantages and disadvantages.
4. Determine the value of a decedent's assets using permitted elections, recognize the use of Form 706 to pay any estate tax due, select the tax basis of estate assets noting how common transactions affect property basis under Section 1014.
5. Recall the advantages of gift planning including estate reduction noting the impact of the GST, specify the steps to compute gift tax identifying the gift tax exclusion amount, and determine the value of gifts including those that are split.
6. Identify the various gift tax exclusions, specify the tax treatment of below-market loans, recall the gift tax marital deduction requirements, determine the tax consequences of giving various assets noting factors to consider when gifting, and recognize the use of Form 709 to compute and pay federal gift tax.

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QAS: Yes

CPA: Suitable for all CPAs

IRS: Enrolled Agents Program Number 263UK-T-00094-14-S

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