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    Title: Blockchain: An Introduction for CPAs
    Category: Accounting and Auditing
    Field of Study: Accounting
    Course Code: A022-0608
    CPE Credits: 5.0
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Blockchain is more than just the cryptocurrency bitcoin. The implementation is usually designed with a specific purpose or function (e.g., smart contracts, distributed ledger systems between businesses). With the growing adoption of this world-changing technology, accountants and auditors with a strong knowledge of blockchains are already increasingly in demand, as an intricate understanding of the technology and its impact is required to provide appropriate guidance.

This course is designed to help accountants and auditors gain a thorough non-technical understanding of blockchain technology. Part I identifies its built-in security features (e.g., distributed ledger, consensus models, and cryptography) and the types of blockchains, to explain how blockchain reshapes the business ecosystem and how smart contracts are executed. Despite the security enhancements, management and auditors should be aware of blockchain challenges, risks, and attacks, which are also addressed. Part I also addresses key application considerations, and how blockchain solutions are not suitable for all existing processes.

To truly appreciate the value of this technology, Part II describes how blockchain technology can transform accounting and auditing practices, allowing us to understand the current landscape and potential hurdles.

Delivery Method: Online Interactive Self Study

Level: Overview

Prerequisites: None

Advanced Preparation: None

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Course Details

Author: Delta Publishing

Category: Accounting and Auditing

Field of Study: Accounting

Passing Score: 70%

Publication Date: 10/27/2022

Technical Details: Accounting: Technical

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* Identify the features and benefits of distributed ledger technology
* Identify the key components of blockchain technology
* Recognize different types of blockchains
* Recognize blockchain adoption challenges
* Identify common threats to blockchain
* Recognize smart contract functions
* Identify current accounting and auditing challenges
* Recognize how blockchain technology reshapes accounting and auditing practices

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QAS: Yes

CPA: Suitable for all CPAs

IRS: No IRS credit for Enrolled Agents.

Profession Identifiers : CPA

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