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MasterCPE CPA Continuing Education courses are convenient- once you've selected your online courses, you can study whenever, wherever you like. CPA Continuing Education courses we offer are downloadable PDF files that can be viewed on your PC or laptop. You can even take the printouts of these files. Get instant access and grading - everything is online. Certificates are accessible immediately after completion of CPE courses. Buy an affordable course or subscription today.


Choose CPE courses from the selection below. The course catalog comprises various courses on different subjects including ethics CPE, taxation CPE, computer software, personal development, accounting CPE and others. Choose Your CPE courses by subject, price or hours, and easily finish your CPE today!


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Course Name CPE Price
Real Estate Accounting and Mathematics 3.5 $ 27.95 CPA
Real Estate Financing and Investments 6.0 $ 39.95 CPA
Retirement Planning - A Quick Tax Guide 16.0 $ 99.95 CPA, EA
Retirement Planning - Fast Track 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA, EA
Retirement Planning - Financial and Tax Strategies 17.0 $ 89.95 CPA, EA
Retirement Planning - The Ultimate Tax Guide 29.0 $ 119.95 CPA, EA
Retirement Plans 4.0 $ 34.95 CPA, EA
Revenue Recognition: The New Guidelines 6.0 $ 49.95 CPA
S Corporations 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA, EA
Section 199A Pass-Through Deduction 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA, EA
Selected Business Expenses 2.0 $ 19.95 CPA, EA
Selected Legal Issues with Tax Analysis 2.0 $ 19.95 CPA, EA
Small Business Taxation: A Complete Guide 24.0 $ 119.95 CPA, EA
Small Business: Avoiding Problems with the IRS 5.0 $ 43.95 CPA, EA
Specialized Industry GAAP: Entertainment 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA
Specialized Industry GAAP: Real Estate 2.0 $ 19.95 CPA
Statement of Cash Flows: Reporting and Analysis 3.0 $ 24.95 CPA
Strategic Management: Concepts and Tools 11.0 $ 61.95 CPA
Tax Consequences of Interest and Debt 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA, EA
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - Individual Tax Preparation 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA, EA
Tax Resolution: Solving IRS Problems 6.0 $ 49.95 CPA, EA
Tax, Bankruptcy and Financial Problems 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA, EA
Tax-Basis Financial Statements and Other Special Purpose Frameworks 8.0 $ 49.95 CPA
Techniques of Financial Analysis, Modeling, and Forecasting 13.0 $ 81.95 CPA
The Balanced Scorecard: Strategic-Based Control 2.0 $ 19.95 CPA
The Pocket MBA: Concepts and Strategies 15.0 $ 77.95 CPA
Time Value of Money: Useful Applications 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA
Travel, Entertainment and Auto Tax Rules 14.0 $ 88.95 CPA, EA
Understanding and Managing Organizational Behavior 14.0 $ 73.95 CPA
Understanding the Economy 8.0 $ 59.95 CPA
Using Excel to Manage Data 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA
Using Microsoft Excel for Financial Analysis 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA
Valuations: Businesses, Securities and Real Estate 3.0 $ 27.95 CPA

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