Must Have Apps for CPAs

Must Have Apps for CPAs

Smartphones and tablets have made it possible for many of us to all but leave the laptop behind when we’re on the go. Both the Apple App store and Google Play store currently boast over 1 million unique available apps. From mobile file sharing with clients and coworkers, to reading all the latest news from a single source, to even catching up on your CPA CPE credits with the help of PDF readers, there’s an app—or several—for that.

Apps for News Content

No matter how busy you get, it’s valuable for any CPA to stay connected to the outside world. That being said, having to hop from news website to news website wastes needless time and energy. To that end, there are now apps called “news aggregators” that compile and streamline worldwide news content in a way that is easy to navigate from your smart device. Check out Flipboard, Feedly, Google News/Reader, Pulse, Fark, or News 360.

 Apps for File Management

The advent of electronic documents has made file sharing easier and faster than ever before, but with so many different types of documents that CPAs have to wrangle on a regular basis, it’s helpful to find ways of managing them from a mobile device.

Dropbox is one particularly useful app for this task. After uploading the files to your account, Dropbox sends them up to the cloud and automatically synchronizes them, making them accessible to any other device logged in to your account. In other words, you can upload a file from your iPad and immediately retrieve it via your desktop computer, or vice versa. You can also share specific Dropbox files with others if you so choose.

Apps for PDFs

The majority of e-Documents come in PDF format these days. PDF readers often come pre-installed on smart devices, but many users choose to download additional apps that help format their PDF files in ways that are more convenient for them. Some app examples include:

  • PDF Reader Pro
  • SmartQ Reader
  • PDF Forms
  • Adobe Reader
  • Foxit Mobile PDF

With these apps, it’s easier than ever to catch up on your online CPE courses with the touch of a button. To learn more about online CPA CPE options, feel free to contact us.

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