Answers to Your Questions about Online CPE

Answers to Your Questions about Online CPE

The team of professionals working at MasterCPE are dedicated to helping you complete your CPE requirements in the fastest, most cost effective manner possible. We aim to provide the latest topics relevant to your profession and hope that you find our courses both educational and interesting.

We know that many of you struggle to find the time necessary to attend classes in person as most CPAs have busy client schedules, long working hours and strict deadlines to meet. Even though CPAs understand the importance of CPE for their careers and professional growth, most do consider CPE a challenge they must meet and overcome every year. These are some of the reasons why MasterCPE was created, as our program is convenient and easy for CPAs to fit into their busy schedules.

Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we receive about our online CPE program.

What does a subscription cost and what do I get for my money?

A subscription costs $149 and includes every CPE course on our website (expect ethics courses). Once you’ve purchased a subscription, you have the freedom to take all the courses as many times as you’d like. You’ll receive all course material, grading and certificates. Your subscription will be valid for 1 year or 365 days from the date of your purchase. You can print the course material or review it on your computer. You can re-take course exams as many times as needed in order to pass.

Do I have to purchase a subscription?

No. You may purchase individual courses. You can choose your CPE courses by subject, price or hours and you’re allowed to buy as few or as many courses as you like.

Do I have to complete a lesson in a single session?

No. Our courses are designed to be convenient wherein you can study when you have time to do so. You’re allowed to save your answers at any time and return at your convenience to complete the lesson or final exam. You simply save the lesson you are working on and then return to your My Account page at any time to select and complete the course.

Do you provide any guarantee?

Absolutely! If for any reason you are not happy with our products, simply contact our customer service and we’ll give you 100% of your money back for all the courses you purchased within 90 days. We cannot however, provide refunds for courses you’ve already complete and for which you’ve received the course certificate. If you purchased a subscription, we will provide you with the difference between the original subscription price and the individual price for any courses you’ve completed.

What if I don’t pass an exam on my first attempt?

If you don’t successfully meet the minimum passing score on any exam, you can re-take the exam as many times as necessary or as you’d like.

There are several CPAs in my company. Do you provide any company or group discounts?

Of course! Companies and CPA groups receive volume discounts for taking courses or for subscribing to MasterCPE. To qualify for a group discount, you must have at least 5 members. The discounts range from 10% to 25+% and we will gladly meet or beat most competitive prices. If you’d like to purchase a group plan, simply use the ‘Contact Us’ form to let us know.

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We are always available to answer any questions you may have about our online program. Our customer support is available Monday – Friday 9am to 4pm Pacific Time. You can reach us via the Contact Us form that’s on our website.

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